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Our classes are incredibly unique and are designed to accommodate to the individual rather than the crowd. Due to the nature of class tiering, our members will have started from somewhere and worked their way up, this keeps our members determined and always eager to learn more. It also provides them with the biggest opportunities we have to offer.




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What is different about joining The Wings Family?

Customer Review

“My husband and I cant thank ‘The Wings Family’ enough. Its been a year since our Grand daughter joined their musical theatre group and bearing in mind for 6 months of that we were in lockdown she has learnt more with Amy, Ben and James than any other performing arts or musical theatre school.

She has been presented with opportunities to perform both in house and at external venues and this has seen her confidence grow and grow. James took time out to coach her for an audition for college for which she gained a place she now is studying Musical Theatre, along with giving her the opportunity to be a student teacher as this is something she is looking to do in the future.

 Amy, Ben and James have this knack of being able to read a child and assess their needs (something that perhaps even as parents or grand parents we aren’t able to do objectively). They then nurture, encourage and support that child to be the best they possibly can be for them. They treat all the children as individuals and recognise that they all have different needs and personalities.

 It isnt about the money with them and to be honest the 3 of them could spend hours reeling off their own professional achievements but they don’t … they are invested in the children and you can see the relationships and trust are a two way street. 

This isnt a ‘brat’ stage school, this is a whole group who act as a family to support one another. We have seen many ‘professional’ shows over the years and love theatre but the Best of Wings Show at Christmas 2019 was in fact better produced and directed and choreographed than many we have seen in London. EVERYONE who took part enjoyed it.

 We have also had the pleasure of seeing them perform at hotels locally and the standard of performance is an exceedingly high level. We consider Amy, Ben and James to be the BEST TEACHERS EVER for recognising the strengths of the individuals, to encourage and support them. 

It doesnt matter how young or old you are if you like to sing, dance or act or just want to meet new people who love music and singing Wings have something for you, from Musical Theatre, to Performing Arts, to Dance Classes, Acting Development and a Choir. 

We cant wait to see the next show because we know it will be AMAZING from this hard working committed team. Give it go you wont be disappointed.”

Jeanlilla Brown