Thank you all for the interest in our dance taster session. If you have registered your interest your name/your child’s name has been added to the database.

The following is our schedule for the day (we were going to send this individually however there has been such a huge response we thought it best to show this via a post).

These classes are short but will give an insight into what you will learn, these will be instructed based on a persons age, not their dance ability. Once you/your child attends our dance classes we will assess what grade you will be required to work at (if there is previous dance experience)

More information on the classes will be given at the taster session. If you have any questions on the below please drop us a private message and we will get back to you today.

9.30am-10am – Contemporary – Aged 10+

10.15am – 10.45am – Tap, ballet and Modern – Caterpillars (Aged 3-6 years)

11am-11.30am – Modern – Aged 7+

11.30am-12pm – Ballet – Aged 7+

12pm-12.30pm – Tap – Aged 7+

12.30-1pm – Commercial – Aged 10+

You/your child will not have to participate in every class, feel free to attend the ones of interest.

You will be required to wear comfy clothes. Jazz shoes/pumps/trainers. Shoes can be removed Contemporary and Ballet unless you/your child has jazz or ballet shoes.

Our coffee shop will be open selling refreshments and please ensure you ave plenty of drink for the session.

Children cannot be left unattended for the day, our car park will become full very quickly. Please use Pear Tree Avenue car park which is just across the road.