For years, The Wings Family HQ has been the hotspot for many in The Kingsbury Village. It has had many names such as The Kingsbury Country club, The Kingsbury Bar and Grill and it’s even been an Indian cuisine, but what was it missing? Us! When taking over this fantastic building which is now our home, we wanted to bring back what was missing and bring back that sense of community.

We would hear stories of how when the people of The Kingsbury Village were children, they would have to put on their Saturday best clothing for night at ‘The Club’. Wings brought back the rooms, we opened our version of a bar with only canned and bottled Beer but no draught, so something was missing.

The real reason working men and women loved coming to this building was to socialise and enjoy a night of drinking fresh Beer/Ale on tap with familiar faces. Therefore, we decided that our version of a bar was simply not good enough, so decided to upgrade.

Our fancy new bar is now fully refurnished, it has fresh Beer, Cider, Ale on tap, a selection of the finest Spirits and blue LED lighting to set the mood. The Wings Family has a mission, and that mission to bring back the good old days of ‘The Club’.