Parts for those that auditioned…

Wendy – Beau Weir-Phillips
Peter – Remi Gregory-Martin
John – Elijah Shidgah
Michael – Hughie Gregory-Martin
Hook – James Green
Smee – Trev Turnbull
The Dark Empress – Charlie Allen
KOTI – King Of The Island – Ste Mcvey
QOTI – Queen Of The Island – Fearn Kelly
Tiger Lily – Thia Douglas
Lion Flower – Tiger Lily’s Sister – Milly Dovie
Syreny – Mermaid Queen  – Jackie Green
Caerula – Mermaid Princess – Yasmine Shidgah
Mrs Brookes – Orphanage Owner – Audrey Thawley

Bill Jukes – Sarah Smith (Soloist)
Tootles – Caitlin Bradshaw (Soloist)
Nibs – Shannon Dove (Soloist)
Curly – Will Shackles (Soloist)
Slightly – Emily Jones 
The Twins – Abigail Brown 
The Twins – Tobias Adams
Starkey – Kyle Belgrave
Noodler – Holly Davies
Alf Mason – Faith Lewis
Whibbles – Immi Brown
Skylights – Cassy Warren

The Tribe:
Abenaki – Harley Mcvey (Soloist)
Crow – Ruby Collins (Soloist)
Cherokee – Evie Woodhall (Soloist)
Sauk – Lola Weir Phillips (Soloist)
Chickasaw – Isabelle Taylor (Soloist)
Ingalick – Daniel Kemp
Caddo – Sian Adams

Daisy – Lottie Lee-Oats (Little Tink)
Orchid – Alice Edge (Soloist)
Tulip – Darcey Hinett (Soloist)
Thistle – Evie Benton (Soloist)
Poppy – Chloe Jones 
Rose – Amelia Eldred
Daffodil – Maggie Adams
Lily – Rhianna Lewis

George – Ethan Allen (Soloist)
Elizabeth – Olivia Hinett (Soloist)
Teddy – Marshall Moore (Soloist)
Robert – James Smith (Soloist)
Richard – William Jones
Charles – Lewis Belgrave
Walter – Harvin Uppal
Arthur – Finley Benton
Albert – Mathew Winstanley
Billy – Lucas Wilson

If your child didn’t take part in the auditions then they will fit into one of these groups above, but will not receive any lines or songs.