Mary Poppins Our Musical was made up of a cast of 70 people. We had an age range from 3 all the way up to 70. These fantastic performers rehearsed solidly for 5 months putting in 100% all the time. This was proved when they hit that stage.

The incredible audience came expecting to see the classic story of Mary Poppins, but boy were they in for a surprise with our very own version of events. In our two-hour long production, the audience were taken on a journey with the Banks family and the heart-warming tale of two children crying out for the attention of their father.

As creatives, we decided rather than focus on Mary Poppins herself, to focus on what was missing from the Banks family and how Mary Poppins’ place was more important than what we originally thought. You can check out our Mary Poppins Trailer on Facebook and if you are interested in purchasing a DVD, drop us a message or give us a call.