On Monday 18th June, we had the pleasure of holding a Dementia friends awareness training course here at The Wings Family HQ. Trained dementia friends representative Emma Bracey from The North Warwickshire Borough Council gave us a fantastic session encouraging us to raise awareness and understand Dementia.

Becoming a Dementia Friend is about understanding more about Dementia and the small ways you can help people who live with the condition. You don’t need to know someone with Dementia to become a Dementia Friend.

Warwickshire County Council was very keen to encourage and work with businesses, organisations and individuals to get involved in Dementia Friends, encouraging community groups or teams to get involved is a positive way to raise awareness of Dementia and support this fantastic social action movement.

We felt that we could use this knowledge and have awareness; which is why we got involved and now our Staff and Volunteers here at The Wings Family are all Dementia friends and couldn’t be happier with how amazing and eye opening the course was.