What is Acting Development?

These sessions are based on the absolute basics of acting, all the way to GCSE & A Level. This not only benefits members who are currently studying drama at School/College, but it gives an insight to members who are yet to discover these subjects, which in time will give them an advantage. The session focuses solely on techniques from practitioners such as Meisner, Stanislavski, Chekov etc. We then use these practitioners to create exercises and performances, which relate to them. This way our members can retain information and enjoy performing too. We have a 12+ rule unless invited. Being invited under 12 means that we feel that you have the potential to grow as a performer and take the next stept, but it also means you will get the chance to take part in our productions and Short films/Plays.


The students are trained by our Acting Director Ben in the craft of Acting through specific techniques and themes. These techniques and themes are designed to develop the students and to be the best performers they can be.


Once the students have gained knowledge and understand the theory, they put what they've learnt into practice through performances. They do this using the techniques and themes within the session, using practical work.


The key to developing in anything; whether it be Acting, Singing or Dancing, is progression. As the weeks go on, the students’ progress themselves through confidence, ability and knowlege which benefits them in the world of Acting.