Wings Family Directors:

The Wings Family directors are made up of siblings Amy, Ben and James who oversee the running of the organisation. With over 73 years of Performing Arts industry experience between them they have taken on many big UK stages including The Birmingham Hippodrome, Sadlers Wells, Her Majesty’s Royal, The Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena to name but a few. With many global appearances also they have performed at the likes of Disneyland Paris and had several TV appearances as extras. The aim of the family has always been to provide opportunities to those that require them that are affordable and accessible.

James O'Hare

James is a co-founder of the Wings Family. James is also the Music Director and runs a weekly Community Choir.

Amy Hope

Amy is a co-founder of the Wings Family. Amy is also the Dance Choreographer and runs a weekly Dance Classes.

Ben O'Hare

Ben is a co-founder of the Wings Family. Ben is also the Acting Director and runs a weekly Acting Classes.

Wings Family Staff Members:

The Wings Family staff members all work really hard to make sure the organisation is running smoothly. They all focus on an area of the business from the arts and events to community work. 

Jackie Green
Operative Manager
Jade Mckinley
HR & Bar Manager
Ste Mcvey
T.I.E Co-Ordinator
James Green
Recreational Co-ordinator
Charlotte O'Hare
Recreational Support

Who We Are:

We are an inclusive organisation that have worked hard to create a place where people can come to enjoy their lives, not only offering daily workshops for health & wellbeing but also offering all kinds of events, performing arts productions and a place, where the community can come to be together. We thrive on offering opportunities to those that need them the most.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to continue offering something different for everyone, so that each person is living their very best life to the fullest. We aim to be affordable and inclusive in all areas of our organisation, whether this is our core of the ‘Arts’ or some of our Wings events. We thrive to bring the community together and create opportunities for people from all walks of life.